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The DeliveryMatch team

Our team has a number of innovative and fantastic collaborating people with a lot of knowledge in the field of IT and / or Logistics. Together we strive for optimal Logistical processess.

Our goal is to help our customers so they can meet the increasing in Logistical demands of consumers, without making it a complicated and / or expensive issue. After all, an optimal Logistics organization creates the opportunity to save Logistics and warehousing costs and at the same time generate more sales with extensive Logistic services and reliability. We call this:

From online barrière & cost center towards sales engine & cost saver

And how do we do this?

By already taking control on Logistics during the purchase process in the checkout of the webshop. For this purpose all Logistic information is being collected as from the first click of the Consumer in the online purchase process. Besides, the Logistic is coordinated by us.

From push towards pull!
The ‘last mile’ starts at the ‘first click’!


To Sales Engine & Cost Saver

Cartoon realtime integratie
Cartoon verhoog uw omzet


Dr. Roland Slegers-Leijsten is the Founder and CEO of DeliveryMatch. He has years of experience in Logistics. During this period he did various studies. He works as an interim manager, is a consultant, coaches and trains management teams, gives lectures and workshops, is Lecturer for e-Commerce Logistics studies at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. Further he has done various researches and published publications, dissertations and books. He has supported companies like AH Online and Blokker with the set up and management of their Logistic Online, Multichannel and Omnichannel Operations. This aswell trough operational roles, as project manager and as a consultant. All this knowledge and experience has, together with the knowledge and experience of the DeliveryMatch team, been transformed into the unique Transport Management & shipping Software of DeliveryMatch.

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