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Why would you choose for DeliveryMatch?

The most advanced software in this area worldwide. The only system that enables you to control your complete  Logistic chain.

On this page:

  • Common logistic issues.
  • What does DeliveryMatch do?
  • More advanced solutions for many logistical challenges.
  • The system in one overview.
  • Connectivity with carriers, webshop software, pick-up points, ERP- & WMS-systems and brokers.

Choose DeliveryMatch, uw customer will geward you for it!

To connected carriers

Do you recognize this?

  • My stock is stored at multiple warehouses. How do I manage this?
  • I need multiple carriers to be able to ship all orders. How can I automate this in a good way? 
  • I also have offline stores. How can I use these as Online Collection Point and also as warehouse if needed/?
  • I have enormous peaks and downtime in my workload throughout the week. How can I even these out?
  • I am mostly shopping my orders in the afternoon and evening. How can I enable shipping more orders already in the morning?
  • I also have orders coming from wholesale platforms like and Amazon. How can I manage the logistic process and execution of these order flows?
  • My customers want to be able to choose when and how they want to receive their orders. How can I manage this in a reliable way?

    These are all issues that we have to deal with to a greater or lesser extent on a daily basis and where answers and solutions are now available. Read the blog of Roland Slegers – Leijsten, CEO DeliveryMatch, in which he gives the solutions about the above highlighted questions here.

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Wat does DeliveryMatch?

  • It checkes when products can be shipped based on stock level and warehouse capacity.
  • It selects the carriers and services that can both pick up AND deliver the order based on product characteristics, location(s) of warehouse(s) and destination.
  • It manages if an order can be shipped all at once or that partial shipments are needed.
  • It real-time calculates the shipping rates, both ‘buy’ (what do you pay the carrier) as ‘sell’ (what do you want your customer to pay).
  • It calculates for each order what delivery times- and locations are possible.
  • It offers your customers options to choose on what delivery time- and location they want to receive their order.
  • It takes control on your logistic processess and because of this they become reliable.
  • It influences the customer by means of price differentiation to choices that are optimal for the warehousing and distribution, thus decrease the costs of warehousing and delivery significantly and also decreases CO2 emissions.
  • It decreases the number of orders that cannot be delivered to the consumer at the first attempt (consumer not at home), because of this the delivery costs decrease significantly.
  • It takes care of a fully automated shipping process.
  • It provides the pre-alert to carriers, shipping label, the track & trace information, proof of delivery and several transportation documents.

And our system can do much more! See below.

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The system in one overview

Collect logistic data

  • Product(s)
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Value
  • Dangerous
  • Breakable
  • Address
  • Warehouse(s)
  • Free shipping
  • Purchase after sales
  • Check stock level
  • Check stock date

Calculation of options in the chain

  • Logistic parameters
  • Constrains warehouse(s) and carrier(s)
  • Calculation shipping options
  • Calculation delivery options
  • Calculation shipping rates
  • Visual graphics

Show options for customer to select

  • Delivery at different address
  • Select day option
  • Select day-time slot option
  • Select same day option
  • Pick Up @ Store (offline store)
  • Click & Collect (offline store)
  • Pick Up @ Parcel shop
  • Pick Up @ Parcel locker
  • Delivery after appointment

Add shipping costs and payment

  • Service experience customer
  • Confirm selected option and costs
  • Actual shipping costs based on selected option

Chain Management and shipping

  • Connection with 50+ carriers world-wide
  • Calculate needed shipping date
  • Booking shipments
  • Shipping labels
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Delivery Note
  • Returns Note
  • Loading list
  • Manifest
  • CMR
  • Pick Up assignment
  • Track & Trace