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Our transport management software helps increase sales and reduce shipping costs

  • Reliable shipping options directly in the webshop checkout
  • Simplification and cost reduction for order processing and transport
  • More generated sales

In this area, DeliveryMatch has the most advanced software worldwide. Our OTSVMS software has more functionality than any other order, transport and shipping management system from another company you might think is comparable. For each order, the software calculates the complete supply chain for the best fitting and/or cheapest delivery options in real-time. You can also manage your complete logistics operations from checkout to delivery in a simple manner. Expensive peaks and drops while processing orders as well as high transport costs will be a thing of the past. On top of that, the consumer will reward your incredible logistics service and its reliability through an increase in your sales!

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Your logistics as a sales engine and cost / CO2 emission saver

More and more consumers think it is important to have reliable delivery options available. Fulfilling these consumers needs does not have to be complicated or expensive. Turn this challenge into an opportunity with the order, transport and shipping software of DeliveryMatch. We support you with the opportunity to:

  • Excel in the options and reliability of your delivery service
  • Draw more customers to your business
  • Realise firm savings on your warehouse handling and transport costs

This is possible as DeliveryMatch’s system enables your company to simplify and manage your logistics operation and transport management in an easy way.

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How do we realise this?

By real-time gathering of logistic information of the complete supply chain during the checkout process and by managing this process via chain control.

From push to pull!

Become connected to our business

We have an extensive customer base with a large variety of services – from carriers & brokers to ERP/WMS/planning systems and from webshop software developers to pick-up points. Would you like to know more about our logistic software solutions? Request a demo or contact one of our expert developers for more information. We cannot wait to provide you with the best solution.

Dynamic Delivery Options

DeliveryMatch is used by many:

Are you interested in seeing what type of companies use our delivery management system? The transport system and order management software of DeliveryMatch is used by many companies, such as:

• Online Retailers
Multichannel retailers
Crosschannel retailers
Omnichannel retailers
• Logistic service providers
• Carriers
• Manufacturers
• E-fulfillment parties

The Director of Flinders tells something about his experience with the transport management system of our company. Watch the movie!

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