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Cartoon Multi- en omnichannel logistiekIntegration with WMS, ERP- and Planning software

Integrate your complete logistic process from purchase towards delivery with one connection.

The cloud-based software can be integrated directly in your ERP/WMS software by using ‘turn-key’ extensions. Because of this integration you can add numerous logistic functionalities to your ERP/WMS system and make an end to all complexe logistic integration challenges you have. Because the continuous and real-time exchanging of information the execution of the order handling (picking, packing, shipping, tracking and returns) becomes much more easy, efficient, faster, flawless, cheaper and cost saving than ever.

Automated information-exchange

  • Orders coming from webshop can be send towards ERP/WMS systems and carriers by DeliveryMatch.
  • DeliveryMatch executes automated carrier selection and passes the on towards the ERP/WMS system.
  • Orders entered in the ERP/WMS system are extracted by DeliveryMatch in order to execute a carrier selection.
  • Orderupdates are being exchanged between DeliveryMatch and the ERP/WMS system.
  • Booking shipments towards carriers can be executed in the ERP/WMS system with a user interface, this also can be done for your packing process.

Sales engine & cost saver

  • More sales because offering your customers:
    • A variety of shipping- and delivery options.
    • A variety of carriers (50+).
    • Reliability.
  • Saving warehouse costs.
  • Saving shipping- and delivery costs.