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Multi-Store shipping enables you to ship orders that are purchased online from your offline store(s), warehouse(s) and/or from the location of your supplier(s) (dropship).

DeliveryMatch checkes the location(s) of the stock during the purchase process and selects the correct ship from location(s) fully automated. Or, when the stock is on multiple locations, the system will fully automated select the (best possible) multiple stock locations for each product in the purchase order. This is possible for both offline as online (integrated in checkout) purchase processes.

Your staff in the offline store(s), warehouse(s) or the your supplier(s) can pick, pack and ship the (partial) order fully autonomous while using the  DeliveryMatch system.

The way DeliveryMatch works enables you to consolidate partial shipments fully automated using the carriers network. This saves costs for stock and shipping.

You can read the blog on Lightspeed with a casus from practice HERE (blog is written in Dutch).