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Simple set up, execute and monitoring of all your logistic processes

Some dashboard options

  • Set up, maintenance and adjustment of parameters. See the example below.
  • You can book shipments that are automaticcaly forwarded from you webshop towards DeliveryMatch:
    •Automated, or
    •With one click on a button (with option to change the carrier/service), or
    •By scanning.
  • Keeping track of all shipment statusses.     
  • Generation of KPI-reports, almost every report is possible. See examples below.

Check on the page Our system what else is possible with DeliveryMatch.

Example parameters, tresholds, values

You can set up as from which purchase amount you want to give your customers shipping costs discounts. This is possible in steps, for example:

  • Less the dan 50 euro, no discount on shipping costs.
  • Between 50 – 100 euro,  2,00 euro discount on shipping costs.
  • Between 100 – 150 euro,  3,00 euro discount on shipping costs.
  • Above de 150 euro, free shipping.

This is just an example, you can set up any range and value.

Examples of KPI-rerports

  • Carrier performance: % On Time delivery?
  • Balance between your Buy shipping costs and Sell shipping costs.
  • How many orders are shipped to each postal code? (Helping you out with your marketing plan and also to determine wether for example the are opportunities to deliver shipments with on transport in a certain area).
  • How many shipments per country?
  • In what case what % of your carriers is selected?
  • In what case what % of your services is selected?

Cost saver

  • DeliveryMatch offers the most profitable way to manage all you logistic promesses because of many parameters, thresholds and values you can simply set up in the system.
  • Saving costs because of preventing issues and possibility to monitor all processes.
  • Saving cost with good and flexible reports that save your time. For example with an ‘invoice matching’ report, That enables you to easily check the carrier invoices.