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Integrated with all your systems, automated and live tracking. Cost savings in your
 warehouse-activities and shipping costs.
Much more customer friendly.

How does this work with DeliveryMatch?

  • Your customer can directly book the return in a return dashboard. Only the content of the order that needs to be (partially) returned is visible.
  • The customer selects de products that need to be returned in DeliveryMatch and selects the returns reason code. This can be more than one meson code in case the customers wants to return multiple products because of different reasons. You can set up and change the reason codes that you want to be available for your customer yourself.
  • In the next step your customer selects a return shipping method that you have set up in the system. If you want you can add the shipping costs to  each shipping method. If needed DeliveryMatch can real time calculate the shipping costs (buy and sell) aswell as other business rules that are set up.  If you want to offer picking up the returns at a home address the DeliveryMatch will calculate the options for which carrier can pick up the returns at what moment and what the shipping costs are. this works the same as the process in the webshop checkout while processing a purchase order.
  • In the last step the return shipment is created and booked with the carrier fully automated. Your customer will receive an e-mail with the shipping label. The status of the return shipment can be tracked in all your connected systems and online.

Sales engine & Cost saver

  • More sales from returning customers because of your customer friendly returns process.
  • Saving operational costs because your customers can process their return fully autonomous, without interference of your customer service en/or the carrier.
  • Knowing in an early phase what will be returned by whom and when.