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Cartoon verhoog uw omzetDeliveryMatch real time calculates the exact buy shipping rate during the purchase process for each specific order and delivery option. It also calculates the number of products of the order that can be packed in one shipping box and will adjust the shipping costs based on the nummer of packages to be shipped. This process is running on the ‘background’ and is not visible for your customer.

At the same time DeliveryMatch calculates the sell rates of the delivery options for the customer which are shown to the customer. After that the shipping costs that match with the selected option are added to the total amount of the purchase on the payment page.

You can influence your customer while selecting the delivery option by using shipping rate differentiation. For example by offering lower shipping rates for delivery on low volume moments and higher shipping rates on delivery peak moments. This way you can easily create a flat volume process for your warehouse- and delivery operations throughout the week and thus save costs in an easy way.

If you wish you can even add surcharges to your customer for choosing partial shipping of the order when not all products are available on stock at the moment of purchase. You can switch this option on- and off whenever you want.

Being able to calculate shipping costs realtime for each specific order while shipping cross border is a must. This because while shipping cross border the shipping costs can variate in wide ranges for each order and then the significant  risk occurs that a lot of margin is lost when you use fixed shipping rates.

Offering shipping cost discounts

In the system you can set up the shipping costs discounts yourself. You can set up as from which purchase amount and/or to which destination and/or for which products you want to offer a shipping cost discount and the what the level of discount should be. DeliveryMatch will real time and fully automated check all parameters during the purchase process and sees to it that on the exact correct moment the set up discount will be granted to your customer or not.

Payment of shipping costs

DeliveryMatch enables you that the calculated shipping costs matching the selected delivery option are added to the total purchase amount in the payment process. Because of this the purchase can be completed and executed  immediately in one step.

Sales engine & cost saver

  • You will increase your sales (by conversion and retention) with minimum 4% as it appears in research. In the daily practice of our customers this even appears to be more, 17% on average.
  • You can be sure you offer the lowest shipping costs as possible without waste of margin.
  • You can be sure you are charging sufficient shipping costs at all times.
  • You are saving costs because while using shipping rate differentiation you are generating a flat logistic process without peaks and drops.