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Cartoon Multi- en omnichannel logistiekDo you sell via multiple sales channels?
Simple and profitable with DeliverMatch


Four examples:

1. Pick Up at Offline stores, extra sales
When consumers pick up products that they bought online in your offline store they often will also do extra purchases in your offline store while picking up their online order.

How does this work?

  • DeliveryMatch takes care of ‘internal’ connection between your systems.
  • DeliveryMatch realtime shows your customer in the checkout which offline stores have the products available. These offline stores can be displayed with an allocator (small map with logos of the offline stores and details lie address and opening times).
  • Customer can make reservations for the products. If they want to pick up the order at a offline store ware the products are not available then DeliveryMatch sees to it that the products are shipped to the offline store where the customer wants to pick up the order.
  • DeliveryMatch assigns the order to the offline store that needs to process the order.
  • With use of DeliveryMatch the staff in the offline stores can autonomously execute the pick- and pack process.
  • The DeliveryMatch software will inform your customer when the order can be picked up in the offline store. Payment can be executed online or in the offline store when picking up the order. The delivery note can be send to the customer via e-mail.
  • In the mean while your customer service is informed about the process real time.

2. Multiple shipping locations, still one delivery moment and drop
The delivery of one order with multiple carriers in multiple drops is not needed anymore when using the DeliveryMatch software. During the checkout process the system will first checken ware the stock is located. After that the system will select carrier(s) that not only can deliver the products in het order but also the carrier(s) that can also pick up the product of the order at the warehouses were the stock is located and can deliver the order in one drop. As soon as the system within several seconds has selected when and which carrier(s) can execute this process your customers can select their reliable delivery option themselves in the checkout. Happy customers and saving logistic costs.

3. Less transport and faster order processing by shipment location determination
When your customers choose to pick up their orders at a offline store and the ordered products are available in het location it is not needed to ship the products from a warehouse to that offline store. The smart software of DeliveryMatch sees if the needed products are on stock at the offline store the the customer wants to pick up the order. In this case the software manages the order processing in the offline store. Transport costs are being saved, the order is ready for pick up faster and also consumers tend to do some more purchases in the offline store while picking up their online purchased orders.

4. Sharing stock with your competitors
If you use stock that is shared with your competitors (mostly located at multiple warehouses) DeliveryMatch wil assign the correct warehouse for each product in order to  be able to ship the products from the correct warehouse location.

  • For example in theory one order that container 6 products could be shipped from 6 different warehouses.
  • DeliveryMatch will support each separate warehouse het pick-, pack- and shipping process for each specific part of the order, including the booking of the shipment and printing the shipping label.

Sales engine & cost saver

  • Pick Up at Offlline stores generates extra sales.
  • Retention increases (returning customers) because of flexible and reliable delivery options.
  • Smart stock location management saves costs.