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Cartoon verhoog uw omzetLet your customer choose the shipping options that are possible for each specific order and influence them while using dynamic pricing towards choices that are optimal for your warehousing and distribution process. Examples of shipping options can be: Delivery at an address, pick up at store (click and collect), pick up at a carrier drop off point (parcelshop) or using a parcel locker where to pick up the order.

What if not all stock for the order is completely available at the moment of purchase?

No problem! DeliveryMatch offers you options!
You can set up the system to only ship the order when all products of the order are available and show your customer the shipping options based on the product that has the latest availability. Or you can set up the system to only show the shipping options based on the products of the order that are available, the products not being available will be shipped as soon as they become available again. Also you can leave it up to your customer to choose one of previous two options. The DeliveryMatch software will fully automated check the availability of all products during the checkout process (and also when they will be available again when they are not available yet!) and will adjust the possible options for the customer fully automated according the set up in the system.

Sales engine & cost saver

  • You will increase your sales (by conversion and retention) with minimum 4% as it appears in research. In the daily practice of our customers this even appears to be more, 17% on average.
  • You will save costs because only shipping options that can be executed accurately will be shown for each specific shipment.