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Cartoon Multi- en omnichannel logistiekDeliveryMatch:

  • Checkes if all purchased products are on stock.
  • Checkes if it is known when products that are not on stock will be available on stock again.
  • Based on the stock availability it calculates if the order:
    •Is completely available at the moment of purchase.
    •Is completely available in the near future.
    •Availability of the order is unknown at the moment of purchase.
    •After this it offers your customers the possible shipping- and delivery options following the set up of business rules. This can be:
    >1)All delivery options are shown because the order is completely available at the moment of purchase, or
    >2)All delivery options are shown as from the date all products of the order are on stock, or
    >3)The delivery options that match the part of the order of zich the product are on stock are shown. Your customers can select their option. Also a back order process for the product of the order that are not on stock is started, or
    >4)No delivery options are shown. In this case your customers are informed about the back order process.  As soon as all products of the order are on stock a delivery appointment will be made to deliver the complete consolidated order (can be automated), or
    >5)If option 1 and 2 are not possible you can also offer your customers to select option 3 or 4 themselves.
  • Supports the complete order processing according to the possible and/or selected option.

Sales engine & cost saver

  • Excellent conversion and retention because your customer will experience this transparant way of order processing as reliable and flexible.
  • At the same time you will save costs for order processing and shipping.

Research show us:

What do your customers think is most important?

  • Knowing up front when the order can and will be delivered, thus reliability.
  • Being abel to chose a delivery moment and location, thus flexibility.
  • Shipping costs as low as possible.

What do your customers think is less important?

  • Fast delivery: 92% is willing to wait 2 to 7 days if it is know upfront when the order can and will be delivered.