Webshop Logistics with DeliveryMatch

What does DeliveryMatch actually do?

  • It checks if the items can be shipped. With this stock availability, opening times and capacity of warehouse(s) from where the order must be shipped and also the pick up times of the carriers.
  • It checks if whether or not an order can/should be send consolidated or as partial delivery.
  • It calculates which carriers with what servicelevels can deliver the order based on product information, location of the warehouse(s) and destination.
  • It calculates the shipping rates, separate by what must be paid by the consumer and what to the carrier in real time based on the current order data.
  • It calculates what delivery times and locations are possible based on the earliest shipping day/time, carrier transit times, carrier routes and possibly carrier capacity.
  • It gives consumers options to choose from the possible delivery times and locations.
  • It takes the lead in the logistics process, thus it becomes reliable.
  • It sends the consumer the price differentiation of choices that are optimal for the warehousing and distribution, thereby significantly lowering the costs for warehousing and delivery.
  • It reduces the number of orders that can not be delivered at the first drop attempt by the carrier, thereby considerably lowering the costs for the delivery.
  • It ensures a fully automated handling of the shipments.
  • It provides booking shipments with carriers, the shipping label, track & trace, and proof of delivery.

DeliveryMatch stands for innovation, reliability, flexibility and transparency of the logistics processes of Online, Multichannel and Omnichannel retail. Choose DeliveryMatch, consumers will reward it!