Vision and Mission

Our Mission: from online barrier & cost center to sales engine & cost saver

Consumers are placing ever higher demands on the logistics of online stores and want more for less! In addition, the ‘product’ of the entire sales process is the logistics operation. Of course, there are also aspects such as the price of the products and the quality, but given the large online offer, price is no longer the part where the merchant merely going to make all the difference. The logistics operation is in many ways the business card of the online store: from check out to the deliveryman standing at the door.

What do consumers think is important?

  • Knowing in advance when the package will be delivered, reliability.
  • To be able to choose a flexible delivery time and location.
  • As low as possible costs.

What do consumers think is less important?

  • Fast Delivery: 92% is willing to wait 2 to 7 days
    if it is clear in advance when the package will be delivered.

Our Vision: The Last Mile starts with the first click!

How can retailers meet these requirements without the result being a loss-making logistics operation? It is exactly the diversity of needs and need for transparency and reliability that is also key for retailers to make this dilemma an opportunity. A chance to let the logistics function as a sales engine and as a cost saver. DeliveryMatch offers this opportunity! How? By already start managing and controlling the logistic processes in the checkout during the purchase process. This can save a lot of costs and generate sales revenue up to 17% at the same time as appears both by our research and in practice with our customers who are already using the DeliveryMatch software. In order to enable this the logistic information needs to be gathered and logistic needs to be managed and controlled already as from the first click in the purchase process of the consumer. Moving from push to pull!

DeliveryMatch stands for innovation, reliability, flexibility and transparency of the logistics processes of shops.

Choose DeliveryMatch, consumers will reward it!