Increase your conversion and save costs with dynamic shipping options

Dynamic shipping options

Let the consumer choose how the purchase will be sent, but at the same time control the shipping options that are possible for each specific shipment. This can be; deliver at an address, collect from an affiliate of the shop, pick up at a collection point for the carrier or use a pick-up safe.

What if the entire order is not readily available?

No problem! DeliveryMatch offers the choice to the consumer. You can set to only send the entire order if all products are available.; You can choose to show the delivery options for the products that are currently available and can be sent, the other products can then be delivered afterwards.; You can also leave the choice to the consumer. The DeliveryMatch software automatically checks the availability of all products and automatically changes the delivery options accordingly.

Sales engine & Cost saver

Increase your conversion to an average of 17% according to research. In addition, you save costs by only showing the viable delivery options for each specific shipment.