Increase your conversion and save costs with dynamic delivery options

Dynamische delivery options

Allows consumers to choose how, when, with what service and where the purchase will be delivered but at the same time, the delivery options will be shown for each specific shipment. This can be delivered with the choice of a particular carrier, a service level, a delivery date (default), one-day period, same day, a location and an affiliate of the shop.

What if the entire order is not readily available?
No problem! DeliveryMatch offers the choice to the consumer.

Delivery time

Depending on stock availability, where the order is to be sent from and where it should go, DeliveryMatch calculates and shows real-time possible delivery times. Then DeliveryMatch ensures that the order will be delivered at the moment chosen by the consumer.

Sales engine & Cost saver

Increase your conversion to an average of 17% according to research. In addition, you save costs by only showing the viable delivery options for each specific shipment and AND the chance of success goes up to +/- 70% to +/- 90%! The ‘hit rate’ is the percentage of all shipments where the delivery successfully meet consumers in the home delivery attempt and thus deliver its shipment. This allows the webshop to better sourcing negotiate rates with carriers. After all, they reduce huge cost to deliver the shipments.