Realtime calculation shipping costs

Shipping costs

The shipping costs are the eternal point of discussion: the consumer wants to pay no or minimal shipping costs, and the shop still has to pay to be able to deliver service to the consumer.

Real-time calculation for each specific shipment

DeliveryMatch takes care of the exact shipping cost the webshop has to pay to the carrier for a particular consignment in real time. This will be calculated during the purchase process of consumers. This process is ‘under water’, and is not visible to the consumer. At the same time the shop can determine in real time what the shipping costs must be a specific shipment for the consumer.

Also, you can start applying demand through price differentiation. Hereby you can deliver for example in low traffic moments cheaper and deliver at peak times more expensive. This allows you to realize a more uniform process throughout the week for the warehouse operations and delivery activities. This can result in substantial cost savings.

If the shop may wish even surcharges are calculated for whether or not the consumer chooses to consolidate the order if not everything is immediately available. The shop can select whether this option will be offered to the consumer or not.

In cross-border shipping is having the opportunity to be able to calculate the shipping costs according to each specific shipment real-time essential. The shipping costs can vary for each order greatly and the risks that a lot of margin lost on the shipping when only work with a fixed amount are enormous.

Discounts on shipping

You can as shop set for what products and from what amounts to which countries you may or may not want to give a discount on the shipping cost and how much reduction there may need to be given. DeliveryMatch checks during the purchase process in real-time all the parameters and ensures that the right discount or will not be given to the consumer exactly at the right moment.

Payment for shipping

DeliveryMatch ensures that the calculated shipping costs are directly added to the total amount to pay for the order, and the transaction can thus be handled in its entirety at one time.
Sales engine & Cost saver

Trough, for example offering choices to the consumer with price differentiation in shipping leaves the choice up to the consumer. Increase your conversion to an average of 17% according to research. In addition, save costs because you have the opportunity to realize a flat price differentiation logistics process. Especially when sending cross border costs can vary greatly. The real time calculation based on each specific mission knows the merchant directly what costs they will have to pay to purchase the carrier and related to it, they can choose whether-and to what extent these costs should be passed on to consumers.